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The refractometer is a scientific instrument designed to measure the refraction of light through liquids.

It sounds like it has nothing to do with coffee but it is a very useful tool for professionals and amateurs alike! 

The refractometer can be used to identify extraction quantities and measure the concentration of solubles in coffee.


1. Place a few drops of coffee on the lens of the refractometer.
2. The display will illuminate and give a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reading.

This reading is used to measure coffee extraction and to adjust recipes more accurately. Much more information about the uses of the refractometer is available on our blog.

In addition, the refractometer comes with an app available for iOS and Android. It is an extra help to calibrate, measure and calculate the extraction, as well as to save and share the results. 


High accuracy of ±0.03% TDS, resolution 0.01%.

Save and share data via the DiFluid app 

Fast charging in 1 hour with up to 30 days of standard use on a single charge

Durable and waterproof thanks to its OLED display; IP67 water resistance; drop resistance; and dust resistance.