Myanmar - Ywangan
Myanmar - Ywangan
Myanmar - Ywangan
Myanmar - Ywangan

Myanmar - Ywangan

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Origin: Myanmar, Shan (exactamente aquí)

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1,098-1,534 msnm

Varietal: Catuai

Producer: small group of local producers

Crop: 2022 

Tasting notes: roses, raisins, pepper


This coffee is a delicate and sweet coffee, which goes a step further with a spicy touch that reminds us of pepper. It has a medium, floral acidity that invades the nose and taste. It is a round coffee.


For filter:

We use 20 grams of ground coffee and 320 grams of final water at 93C. We make three pours. The first one of 50 grams, we wait 30 seconds and make two pours of 135 grams in a total time of 3 and a half minutes.

Variables to be taken into account:

  1. METHOD: V60
  2. GRINDER: EK43
  3. WATER: 70 ppm 


Ywangan Township, with an altitude of between 1098 and 1534 m.a.s.l., is located in Shan State in east-central Myanmar. in Shan State in east-central Myanmar. It is also part of the Danu Danu Self-Administered Area. The Danu Self-Administered Area is, as stipulated by the 2008 Constitution of Myanmar, a self-administered area consisting of two townships in Shan State: Ywangan and Pindaya.

Although Ywangan is especially known for the quality of its coffee, it is no different from other coffee-producing regions. different from other coffee-producing regions of the world. Market prices, climate problems or the low-income social environment are some, to name a few, of the challenges to to name a few, of the challenges they face.

Coffee has contributed to the region's development in recent years, especially with the emergence of Myanmar on the market. with the emergence of Myanmar on the international specialty coffee market. Today, farmers Today, farmers have access to fairer market prices, both within and outside the country, for their cherries or their coffee. country for their cherries or greens. Collective initiatives have flourished not only in Ywangan, but also in other regions of Shan State, resulting in new players in the coffee market. new players in the coffee market, with new processors emerging on the scene. new processors have emerged on the scene.


The variety of this coffee is Catuai