Guatemala - Buena Vista
Guatemala - Buena Vista
Guatemala - Buena Vista
Guatemala - Buena Vista
Guatemala - Buena Vista

Guatemala - Buena Vista

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Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenango Region, Petatán (exactly here)

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,550-1,610 m above sea level

Varietal: Caturra and Pache Verde

Producer: Rosendo Domingo

Harvest: 2021-22

Taste notes: jasmine, hibiscus, apricot jam


If freshness were represented by a coffee, this would be it. Buena Vista is a delicate coffee, with notes reminiscent of flowers, such as jasmine and hibiscus. It has a rounded acidity and sweetness, like apricot jam, with a super creamy body and texture. It's ideal for drinking when you feel like something smooth and fresh, either in espresso or filtered.


Uses 18 grams of dosage to extract 45 grams of final beverage in a cup in 26 to 28 seconds.

Variables to consider:

  1. TEMPERATURE: 92,5 C
  2. PRESSURE: 8.5 Bars
  3. MACHINE: La Marzocco Linea PB
  4. GRINDER: Mythos 1
  5. WATER: 70 ppm

For filter:

We use 20 grams of ground coffee and 320 grams of final water at 93C. We make three pours. The first one of 50 grams, we wait 30 seconds and make two pours of 135 grams in a total time of 3 and a half minutes.

Variables to be taken into account:

  1. METHOD: V60
  2. GRINDER: EK43
  3. WATER: 70 ppm


Rosendo Domingo is a second generation coffee producer in Petatán, Huehuetenango. Before the harvest he made sure that his pickers and other employees were motivated to work well. They picked only the ripest cherries and pulped them on the day of harvesting. The coffee was then fermented in water for 36 to 40 hours and washed with clean water. The first hours of the drying process the coffee was left in thick layers to lower the humidity and then left to rest in 5 mm thick layers in the sun for five days to reach 12% humidity for export. Finally, the coffee parchment was sorted by hand to remove defects and impurities.

"My parents started coffee production about 30 years ago. Before, our family had a very low income, but after we started receiving harvests, coffee was able to give us a better life," explains Rosendo.


Caturra and Pache Verde

The process of this coffee is washed, which consists of completely removing the mucilage from the bean, and leaving it to ferment in water tanks for 12-18 hours before leaving it to dry in the sun.