Colombia - El Rubi (Carbonic Maceration)
Colombia - El Rubi (Carbonic Maceration)
Colombia - El Rubi (Carbonic Maceration)
Colombia - El Rubi (Carbonic Maceration)
Colombia - El Rubi (Carbonic Maceration)

Colombia - El Rubi (Carbonic Maceration)

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Origin: Colombia - Huila (exactly here)

Process: Carbonic Maceration + Natural

Altitude: 1600-1800 masl.

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Producer: Heiner Lazo

Vintage: 2021

Taste notes: papaya, pinapple yoghurt, guarana 


Heiner and Johanna never stop innovating and coming up with new varietals and processes at their El Rubí estate, so when we found out that this year they had taken our favourite coffee from 2021 and processed it using the carbonic maceration system we booked it without even tasting it.

Expectations were exceeded when we tasted it for the first time, more like a tropical fruit juice than a coffee. It has notes of papaya and pineapple, as well as providing a sensation in the mouth like a guarana soft drink. This is a competition coffee, super complex and special.


For espresso, you can prepare it in your Italian coffee machine or if you have an espresso machine:
Use 18 grams of dose to extract 50 grams of drink in a cup in a time of 20 to 22 seconds.

Variables to take into account:

  1. TEMPERATURE: 92,5 C
  2. PRESSURE: 8.5 Bars
  3. MACHINE: La Marzocco Linea PB
  4. GRINDER: Mythos 1
  5. WATER: 70 ppm

For filter:

We use 20 grams of ground coffee and 340 grams of final water at 93C. We make three pours. The first pour of 50 grams, wait 30 seconds and make a second pour of 290 grams. Total brewing time is 2'30"-3'.

Variables to take into account:

  1. METHOD: Kalita/V60
  2. GRINDER: EK43
  3. WATER: 70 ppm


This farm is located in San Adolfo, a municipality in the Acevedo area of Huila. It was purchased 25 years ago by Heiner and Johanna from a former owner who had named it after a wedding present. Heiner and Johanna now regard it as their precious ruby, as it has enabled them to get by and supports them and their three beautiful daughters.

Traditionally they have worked with varieties such as caturra, colombia or castillo, which are quite common in the area, but in recent years they have dared to experiment with other more exotic varieties such as papaya, SL28 or this pink bourbon, of which they planted 7500 coffee trees 4 years ago and are now beginning to harvest their fruits. This varietal is a little more difficult to work with consistency, but when it comes through it gives us a delicate, smooth and complex profile, due to a genetics with a higher glucose content.


Pink Bourbon is a variety that is produced from a hybrid between Red and Yellow Bourbon. It is very rare and difficult to maintain over the years, although it has a higher resistance to coffee rust than Bourbon.

The processing method for this coffee is Natural Carbonic Maceration. This process is carried out in two fermentations, first the whole cherry is placed in an oxidisable steel tank with CO2 for 36 hours. It is then lightly pulped and fermented at a controlled temperature for 24 hours. Afterwards, they are dried in the sun for 14 to 18 days.